Start with New Features

PoSTeX is provided by repository from 2.0 version. i.e. You can download if you type below in Windows console.

tlmgr --repository= install collection-postex

And, you can update by typing

tlmgr --repository= update --all

when you use TeX Live 2011 (if you are using TeX Live 2010, put 2010 instead of 2011).

The documentation and apps are in the regular path.

  • Documentation: $TEXMF$/doc/latex/postex/postex-doc.pdf
  • Apps: $TEXMF$/bin/win32/postex-gui.exe

e.g. you can put "C:\texlive\2011\texmf-dist" in place of $TEXMF$ if you are using TeX Live 2011.

Difference from the last version (1.0)

  • package name change: postexarticle -> postex-article; conference -> postex-conf
  • cannot omit options (like date) in conference document
  • enhanced journal generating program (but only in Windows by technical problem
As every source is coded by universal language, welcome to join compiling in other platforms. (Contact me from Support Menu above)

For Linux Users

It is recommended to install official tug TeX Live distribution instead of Ubuntu repository. After the installation, don't forget to type


as the installation does not add the texlive path to the default execution path (PATH environment).

Then, you can follow the general procedure above. Applications for editing will be automatically ignored to be installed as there is no linux version.